Horror Makeup

I am going to be talking about horror makeup. I find horror makeup amazing and super interesting. It is amazing how people can make their face into something so different and scary. This is a photo of horror makeup. TW fake blood. So this is a photo of a guy that has done his face half skeleton and half normal.

Wisdom Tales Project


Wisdom Tales Project

In Language Arts we had to make a project on a wisdom tale from a book called ‘Wisdom Tales from Around the  World’. The people in my group were Louise, Sophia, and Elena. We made a scratch project and here is the link to it: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/754384288. We wanted to work together, and also do well.  Sophia was in charge of coding, Louise made the buttons and Elena put in the facts. We chose the story Feeding his Clothes. It was about a man who wanted to go to dinner. When he arrived no one spoke to him because of how he was dressed and no one fed him. So he went home and put on some good clothes. He got all dressed up, and when he arrived everyone talked to him and fed him. While he was eating he fed food to his clothes. Everyone wondered and asked him, “Why are you feeding your clothes?” He told them that these clothes brought him here and they should be fed first. The moral of the story is “Don’t judge people on how they look.” This was a great story and taught us a very important lesson. We loved working on this  project, and enjoyed working together!

My Finding Someplace Backpack

This summer we read Finding Someplace. The main character was named Reesie. She lived during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  She had to think quickly so that she wouldn’t drown so she grabbed a backpack and put the basics. Like a phone, important papers, and many other things. 

After reading the book I had to think about what I would bring. I would bring my phone for calling for help. A charging block and a charger so that I could charge my phone so that I could call for help. A flashlight for when it gets dark. Batteries for the flash light or other things, any wallets I can find, a hoodie for night, food (cookies, chips, granola bars,water (plastic water bottle), water filter so I can take the hurricane water and filter it out to drink, important papers (birth certificate, house papers, marriage certificate, passports) an emergency kit. That’s all I think I can fit in the backpack. I probably wouldn’t find all of that quickly but that’s what I would hope to bring. So that’s all I can fit into my backpack!