In Language Arts we had a project in stocks. I never thought I would be so ecxited to check my stocks. I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would have. I invested in Nike, Target Retirmer, StarBucks, Walt Disney, and Walmart. At the beginning, Nike was at $123.66 and I invested 49 shares and now is at $126.73 (4/13/23 to 5/31/23). StarBucks was $105.6 and I invested 95 shares, and is now at $103.9. Walt Disney was at $97.94 and I invested 39 shares, and it is now at $100. Target Retirmer was at $45 and I invested 1 share, it’s now at $17.60. Walmart was at $22, I invested 2 shares but it is now at $21.58. My total amount of money I invested in was $20,000. I earned $41.03. I think this connects to The Westing Game, the book we were reading in Language Arts because of Turtle. In The Westing Game she invested in stocks and we were updated multiple times through out the book.  All of this was “play money” and this was just for a learning opportunities and fun. I loved doing this stocks “project”!

Ted Talk

Hello! In Language Arts  we made a Ted like Talk. Mine was about Aerial silks. Personally I did not enjoy presenting but I did enjoy making the Ted like Talk. I loved making the videos, figuring out how to keep the video going, and having fun practicing with my friend. Thank you to my Language Arts  teacher for this amazing year.

Last Cuentista, My Ideal World, Book Making

The Last Cuentista 


Reading The Last Cuentista was amazing to read and understand a complex book with my class and having someone to talk about the book with. I feel like The Last Cuentista had just enough action, thriller, suspense, and happiness all in one. The person that wrote this book kept the book going for just the right amount of time. The book was about a girl whose world is ending (the planet) and having to travel to another planet for 300 years and being put to sleep but something is not right when she wakes up. To keep a story going means to pull the reader and not let them out of your grasp. 

My Ideal World

When drawing my Ideal World in Language Arts I had loads of fun because drawing is one of my favorite things to do. When writing about my Ideal World I was allowed to have freedom in my writing and come up with my own fairy land. I loved expressing myself in writing and drawing about a different planet. 

Book Making 

When making my book I felt free in what I could do with my book. In my eyes, the book that I made represents my brain and myself. We made books with a very nice lady named Peg Gignoux. She helped us design and express ourselves and every Language Arts class in sixth grade. 

In conclusion, this year’s Language Arts was amazing and I hope that next year’s Language Arts is just as good as the next. 

Spanish Email

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Me llamo Elena y tengo doce años. Yo vivo en Chapell Hill y mi color favorito es el azul. Voy hablar de Durham. 

Primero, tú puedes visitar los jardines de Sarah P. Duke. En los Jardines de Sarah P. Duke puedes tomar fotos, caminar, mirar las flores, y visitar una tienda. ¿Te gustan las flores? ?¿te gusta mirar una tienda?

Segundo, tú puedes visitar el Teatro Carolina. Tú puedes ver espectáculos, actuar, tomar fotos y cantar. ¿Te gusta el teatro? ?¿Te gustan los actores? 

Tercero, tú puedes visitar la Universidad de Duke. En la Universidad de Duke puedes estudiar  con  tus amigos, con tu familia y comer en la cafetería. ¿Te gusta estudiar con tus amigos? ¿Te gusta la Universidad? 

Finalmente, puedes visitar el Campus Americano del Tabaco. En el  Campus Americano del Tabaco puedes mirar la tele, comer en restaurantes, jugar béisbol, y comprar en una tienda. ¿Te gusta el Campus Americano del Tabaco? ¿Te gusta jugar béisbol?

En Durham hay teatros, museos, y jardines. En mi opinión Durham es una ciudad divertida, bonita, interesante y colorida. 

Gracias por tu atención. 





I will be writing about band and telling you what we do in band and what I enjoy. In band I am playing the trumpet. I think the trumpet is one of the hardest instruments because you have to articulate in the mouthpiece without pressing buttons. Right now we are practicing the songs for our performance. The songs we are playing are This Old Man, Olea!, Pirates Cave. These songs are fun and strong songs to play!   We have been practicing these songs for almost the whole trimester. 

My favorite song is Pirates Cave because trumpets have long breaks and small solos. It is a strong and dramatic song which makes for a better sound in my opinion. This is also an easy song to play so this makes for a bit of a break. 

I like the people in my class because some are funny, some are productive, others are amazing at playing and helping. All of these people make band fun and encourage you to do homework and practice more. Whenever anyone messes up even a little bit people in my class encourage them to try again and don’t make them feel bad.

I hope this makes you even more excited for band and think about joining it for 7th or 8th grade! 


My Ideal World

I think that our world could use a lot of work so I am making my own world. The name of my planet will be Alanux (Ala-nux). My planet will be near the star Upsilon Tauri and the nearest planet will be Mars. The color of my planet will be marble blue/purple. The color of the sky will be red. The whole planet will be filled with poisonous plants and bananas, and the bananas will be purple. The water will be a beautiful clear-blue. There is no hot water on my planet and it will be ice cold water. There will be beautiful huge boulders and rocks. The air will be good enough where people will survive for 48 hours but will most likely die after that. 

I want my planet to have something blocking the horizon so my planet will have one moon. That moon will be called Surcrobulishes. The moon will be a mix of orange, yellow, and red. It will be around the size of the world. It will be smoother than the moon we have. The moon will be in the top left of the horizon. 

For the animals on my planet I want some very specific animals.I will have over 8 billion fishes, 1 million squirrels, 9,000 lions, 1 million cats or dogs, and 100 horse-humans. The animals will be non-aggressive and simple. There will be no pets on my planet, everyone will be free.

For the technology on my planet I don’t want any technology because of how that has affected the Earth. For people, they will get along okay as long as they keep to themselves. The language on my planet will be spoken in Anglish. When people come across another they do not attack but instead small talk or ignore. When they talk, their body language is important and will suggest how they are feeling most of the time. There will be groups and leaders of the groups. The leader picks where they trade, what they trade, if they hunt what and where they hunt, and who comes into the group or who leaves. 

I hope you come back and visit soon!

Horror Makeup

I am going to be talking about horror makeup. I find horror makeup amazing and super interesting. It is amazing how people can make their face into something so different and scary. This is a photo of horror makeup. TW fake blood. So this is a photo of a guy that has done his face half skeleton and half normal.

Wisdom Tales Project


Wisdom Tales Project

In Language Arts we had to make a project on a wisdom tale from a book called ‘Wisdom Tales from Around the  World’. The people in my group were Louise, Sophia, and Elena. We made a scratch project and here is the link to it: We wanted to work together, and also do well.  Sophia was in charge of coding, Louise made the buttons and Elena put in the facts. We chose the story Feeding his Clothes. It was about a man who wanted to go to dinner. When he arrived no one spoke to him because of how he was dressed and no one fed him. So he went home and put on some good clothes. He got all dressed up, and when he arrived everyone talked to him and fed him. While he was eating he fed food to his clothes. Everyone wondered and asked him, “Why are you feeding your clothes?” He told them that these clothes brought him here and they should be fed first. The moral of the story is “Don’t judge people on how they look.” This was a great story and taught us a very important lesson. We loved working on this  project, and enjoyed working together!

My Finding Someplace Backpack

This summer we read Finding Someplace. The main character was named Reesie. She lived during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  She had to think quickly so that she wouldn’t drown so she grabbed a backpack and put the basics. Like a phone, important papers, and many other things. 

After reading the book I had to think about what I would bring. I would bring my phone for calling for help. A charging block and a charger so that I could charge my phone so that I could call for help. A flashlight for when it gets dark. Batteries for the flash light or other things, any wallets I can find, a hoodie for night, food (cookies, chips, granola bars,water (plastic water bottle), water filter so I can take the hurricane water and filter it out to drink, important papers (birth certificate, house papers, marriage certificate, passports) an emergency kit. That’s all I think I can fit in the backpack. I probably wouldn’t find all of that quickly but that’s what I would hope to bring. So that’s all I can fit into my backpack!